What does a consumer see when they view a piece of furniture? What does the brand want them to see? Is it only about sight these days? What happened to touch? Interaction? Actually seeing yourself in that piece of furniture.

Instead of finding out how it feels, we now ask how it feels. We (the consumer) are no longer allowed to connect on a physical level. Art has influenced product. Through imagery and quick fire social media more and more quality produced furniture is being placed on a pedestal. Raising the question around its intended purpose, historical significance and evaluation.

How do brands get consumers to reconnect with furniture on a physical level? Experience based design? Design consultation? Design strategy? Has image based recognition pushed away the tangible need for the product itself? Is the counter no longer needed?

What is more important, the product or the experience?

Through this research I was able to formulate a base line. A starting point for my 1:1 development. By outlining my own design constraints that indicated a hard surfaced timber chair I was able to quickly come to a design that would act as control piece for my full scale testing.

The next stage is to place this piece within a space that reflects on the product, consumer and experience.